Master Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in coating and ink, insists on pursuing the excellence and striving to innovate. We firmly believe that every employee plays a key part for the corporate existence.

Our corporate philosophy lies in technique development and inheritance that fulfill our vision of high technique and high quality and boost industry and product competitiveness. Quality assurance is always our priority. Therefore, in the innovative and service era, we commit to become a professional navigator upgrade skills and management level, digitize information and emphasize accuracy. 

Our products stand out among the counterparts due to our remarkable operational team, relentless product development, profound understanding of coating properties and application and complete production techniques. 
Master Chemical is a leading coating manufacturer. Our most competitive, important series of products contain

Non-stick coating

Features of the coating:

  • Non-stickiness, excellent non-stick effect.
  • High heat-resist.
  • Excellent abrasive-resist coefficient, excellent heat-resist, erosion-resist.
  • Meet the inspection standard of the Food and Drug Bureau of U.S.A.
  • Excellent insulation character.
  • High hardness.

    Coating applicable products:
  • Non-stick pot
  • Electric rice cooker, chinese wok
  • Pancake maker, toaster
  • BBQ rack
  • Frying shovel, frying pan
  • Oven plate
  • General kitchen utensil
Inorganic nanometer coating

Features of the coating:
  • Excellent merging force.
  • High heat-resist, pollution-resist, graffiti-resist.
  • Excellent abrasive-resist coefficient, excellent heat-resist, erosion-resist.
  • Not damaging to human body with high EP character.
  • Excellent insulation character and rust prevention.
  • High hardness, Sterilizing and musty-proof.

    Paint applicable products:
  • Glass
  • Plastics, rubber
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Ceramic products
  • Fabric, paper
Heat-resist, heat-conducting, low abrasive coating

Features of coating with heat-resist and heat-conducting character:
  • May resist to high heat at long term basis and anti-oxidation.
  • Excellent heat-resist and heat changing-resist.
  • Resistance to erosion.

    Features of low abrasive coating:
  • Resistance to high heat and anti-oxidation.
  • Excellent abrasive-resist.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals.
  • Excellent non-stickiness.
  • Excellent attachment ability to metal, ceramic, and glass.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, gasoline, and humidity.

    Applicable products of low abrasive coating:
  • Cylinder piston, valve, cam axle
  • Brake system of auto and motor cars, aluminum tire ring
  • Industrial gears, screws, nuts
  • Industrial purpose protective coating
  • Transportation rails
Teamwork, excellent quality, relentless innovation and permanent operation are Master Chemical's insistence. Due to the vision of becoming a world-class coating manufacturer, we spend portion of budgets cultivating elites that maximizes our performance. Bring those elites together not only improves the teamwork, but also accomplishes the goal and mission. To make a win-win for company and employees, we dedicate to making best better, innovating products, expanding market and raising operation and competitiveness. 
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